Don't Panic: How to Stay Calm During a Dental Emergency

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Kaysville Emergency Dental Services: Are you prone to panic attacks at the thought of a dental emergency? Fear not! We’ve got your back. We know Kaysville dental emergencies can be stressful and overwhelming, but with the proper knowledge and mindset, you can stay calm and handle the situation like a pro. So take a deep breath and let us walk you through the steps to staying calm, clear, and collected during a dental emergency in Kaysville, Utah.

  • Determine the severity of the emergency: Is it a minor issue, like a small chip or crack, or is it a significant issue, like a knocked-out tooth? If you’re unsure of the severity, call our team, and we can help. Assessing the severity of the situation can help you determine the following steps to take. 
  • Stay calm: It can be difficult during a dental emergency, but panicking will only worsen the situation. Take deep breaths, remain calm, and remember you are taking steps to address the problem. A calm, calculated mind will make better decisions that can result in the difference between a lost or saved tooth. 
  • Control the bleeding: If you are experiencing bleeding, apply pressure with a clean cloth or gauze. Keep using force until the bleeding subsides.
  • Use a cold compress: A cold compress can help reduce swelling and alleviate pain. Use a clean cloth or towel and apply to the affected area for 10-15 minutes. Take off for 10-15 minutes, and repeat the cycle as needed. 
  • Take pain medication: If you are experiencing pain, over-the-counter pain medication can help alleviate discomfort. Always follow the recommended dosage and do not exceed the recommended amount.
  • Call your dentist: Dr. Eric Nelson (our favorite dentist!) should always be your first call during a dental emergency. He can guide what to do next and schedule an emergency appointment.
  • Preserve any knocked-out teeth: If you’ve knocked out a tooth, it’s essential to preserve it if possible. Rinse the tooth gently with water, being careful not to remove any tissue fragments. Try to reinsert the tooth into the socket and hold it in place with a clean cloth or gauze. If this is not possible, place the tooth in a container of milk or saliva until you can see your dentist.
  • Avoid certain foods and drinks: After a dental emergency, it is vital to avoid certain foods and drinks that can aggravate the affected area. These may include hot or cold beverages, hard or chewy foods, and sugary snacks.
  • Follow-up: After a dental emergency, it is essential to follow up with us to ensure that the affected area is healing correctly. Your dentist may recommend additional treatment or follow-up appointments to monitor your progress.
  • Take care of your oral health: Practicing good oral hygiene can help prevent dental emergencies in the future. Brush and floss regularly, and visit us for regular cleanings and checkups. Taking care of your oral health can reduce your risk of experiencing a dental emergency.


Emergency Dental Services in Kaysville, Utah

As you can see, dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. However, with the proper knowledge and preparation, you can stay calm and confidently handle the situation. Remember to always prioritize your safety and seek immediate medical attention when necessary. And, of course, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for staying cool under pressure. You’ve got this!

As always, Dr. Eric Nelson and our team are here to help! We’re simultaneously your cheerleading squad and your backup plan. Our team is only a call away.

Next time you have a dental emergency, shoot us a call, letter, telegraph, text emoji, email, or encoded message!

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