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High-Quality Root Canal Therapy in Kaysville

The notorious root canal procedure — It’s something we’ve all heard of. Some of us may even have had one done in the past. Endodontic therapy may not be something most people seem to enjoy, but there may come a time when you won’t have any other choice if you want to save your tooth.

Fortunately, root canals are an efficient and painless way to save your smile. No, really.

Why Have a Root Canal?

Cavities begin to form on the tooth’s outer surface. If left untreated, the condition worsens and spreads to deeper areas of the tooth. The pulp chamber, which contains nerve tissues, is located in the middle of our teeth. When an infection reaches the pulp, the nerve becomes infected and causes the tooth to become extremely painful or develop an abscess.

Unfortunately, once the nerve of the tooth is compromised, no amount of antibiotics will help. While a course of medication can alleviate your discomfort, the relief is only temporary. In the case of an infected tooth, there are only two options. You’ll either need a root canal or have the tooth extracted.

Gentle Root Canal Treatment

Although endodontic therapy is typically regarded as a last resort for your smile, it is an important part of preserving teeth that would otherwise have to be removed. Although it has a bad reputation, getting a root canal isn’t that different from other routine dental procedures, such as dental fillings.

Thanks to modern technology and treatments such as dental anesthesia, your root canal treatment can be a relaxing experience.

During a root canal, damaged nerve tissue is removed, and the nerve chamber is sealed off. This prevents reinfection and allows the tooth to function normally for several years longer.

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Kayscreek Dental is here to make the endodontic treatment process as painless as possible if you suspect you need a root canal or a second opinion. Dr. Nelson will work with you to ensure your comfort so that you can get back to your life as soon as possible.

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